Youth Program F.A.Q.


Q: Do we need to have our own shotgun?

A: No. We have numerous club shotguns you can use until you decide to purchase your own. One occurring problem we have is that more than one shooter may be using the same shotgun. Having your own shotgun eliminates the problem

Q: What gauge shotgun should I use?

A: 12 gauge is the most popular gauge and is the preferred choice if the shooter can handle the weight and the recoil. 20 gauge is best suited for our smaller or younger shooters due to the lighter weight and sometimes less recoil.

Q: What choke should I use?

A: Full, improved modified, or modified is common

Q: What type (action) should I get?

A: A quality shotgun can be either a hammer-less single shot hinged action, pump action, semi-auto, or an over and under. Check with your Lead Coach for a recommendation if you are planning on buying a shotgun. Some shotguns will not stand up to the large amount of rounds fired during a trap shooting season.

Q: When should I buy a new gun?

A: Here is our advice. 1.) Wait until you know you want to shoot, 2.) Wait until you know how to mount a gun, 3.) Wait until you know your interests - singles, handicap, and/or doubles, 4.) Then talk to a coach or an experienced shooter who can help you judge what is best for you. In the meantime, start saving.


Q: Are there any additional fees or cost to shoot? Do I need to pay for anything else?

A: No, your original fee pays for all your shells and targets during our program. You will need to buy a shell pouch and safety/shooting glasses and have them the first shoot.

Q: When do I shoot?

A: You will sign up for a preferred time on your designated night at one of the registration meeting nights. This will be Monday nights for new shooters and some experienced shooters. Our more experienced shooters will shoot on Thursdays.

Q: Where do I go and what do I do on my scheduled League practice night?

A: Upon arrival, go to the clubhouse to sign in and receive your shells. THEN:

*Look for the reader board and see which trap house you will shoot at

*Go to the appropriate trap and sign-up for your assigned time slots (2)

*Be prepared 15 minutes prior to your shoot time. (Gun ready, eye & ear protection)

Q: How do the time slots work?

A: Shooters begin at 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 7:00 PM, shooting ends at Sunset. Make sure you are on time and ready to shoot. You have a designated 1 hour time slot to shoot 2 rounds of trap or your 50 shells. We stop on the hour. Beginning/ new shooters should not expect to shoot all 50 shots a night due to individual instruction and safety concerns.

Q: Will I get to finish my 50 shells later?

A: Yes, possibly that night, if time allows and does not affect another shooter’s assigned times. They have 1st priority. Otherwise you can make them up on a Saturday

Q: Will we shoot if it is raining or windy?

A: Yes. Generally the only time we do not shoot is if lightning is seen. Then we will wait for approximately 30 minute. Should we not complete shooting that night, another night will be designated as make up.

Q: Who should I call if I have a question?

A: Call your Lead Coach, his/her phone number is listed in this packet. Please call after 5:00 PM as most of our coaches still work. In the case of an emergency-question Coach Bechtel can be reached at 330-620-6909.

Q: Are there any other communications I should be aware of?

A: Yes. I will send emails as my primary form of communication. CHECK YOUR EMAIL REGULARLY. : “I DIDN’T CHECK MY EMAIL” IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE. You may want to team up with other parents with the same time slot so you can contact them about any recent communications as your child’s Coach will be extremely busy on shoot nights

Youth Trapshooting Club Questions

Q:  How do you keep fees low?

A:  As a club we must do several fundraising activities throughout the year.  We expect every club member to contribute in some manner to help maintain our low fees.  We also have volunteer days at the range to help keep overhead low which in turn allows the range to donate targets to the club.

Q:  What if I do not want to be a competition shooter?

A:  That is fine as not all shooters have the desire, time, or resources to shoot the competition schedule.  We want to encourage all youth to participate in our program.  That is why we have a once a week instructional/recreational program.