Winter League


Why Put Your Gun Away This Winter?   

Maintain Your Skills and Have Some Fun With League Shooting!

Still Slots Open-------- Winter League begins Saturday, January 6, 2018      

  1. League shooting will begin approximately 9:20 am and last until teams are done shooting. Teams will have the same scheduled start time each week.

  2. Teams consist of 5 or more members (only 5 shoot).  Only the 3 best scores from each week will count for the team.  Don’t have a team? We will connect you with others who also do not have a complete team. Novices and youth this is your chance to try league shooting!!!

  3. Each team member will shoot 25 singles and 25 from team handicap distance.

  4. The format of the league will have teams shooting against each other for points. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins.

  5. The league fee is a one-time $65.00 per team entry fee plus targets each week.

  6. Awards will be given to team champion, runner-ups and individual high youth, high singles, high handicap, and high overall. Only one individual trophy per shooter.

  7. Sign your team up at the clubhouse or call 330-855-1174 and ask for Brad. Range requires a minimum of five teams to conduct the league.

 Our larger, renovated clubhouse will have plenty of hot chocolate, coffee or tea to help warm you up!

Winter League Format & Rules


  1. A team consists of 3 members or more.  No more than 5 can shoot on any given Saturday.  Team members must be declared by the second week of league.

  2. Each week the top 3 individual scores will be used for the team score.

  3. Team score will determine team handicap distance starting the third week.

  4. Each week teams will shoot at the same designated time.

Scoring & Team Ranking

  1. Teams will earn points based on that week’s score in both singles and handicap.  Two points will be given each to the high score in singles and handicap.  If a team wins both events a bonus point will be given.  Ties will split the points.  Five points are the most given for any week.

  2. Team ranking is based on points earned each week not on the total number of targets broken at the end of the season.

  3. A predetermined schedule of when which teams will shoot against each other for that week’s points will be given at beginning of the season .

  4. The team with the most points wins.  Ties will be shot-off.