Recreational Youth Trapshooting

2019 Recreational Youth Trapshooting Program

Registration Information:

2019 Cost: $100. (if forms are returned after March 16 cost is $125.00)

Registration Meetings: Held at Ohio Sportsmen Farmer League Clubhouse, 1755 Jacoby Rd, Copley  (next to our range)

Dates & Times:  January 30, 2019-6:30pm,     February 17, 2019-1:30pm,     February 23, 2018- 4:00pm

Final Registration Meeting for New, Returning, and Competition Shooters:     February 23, 2019- 4:00pm

Coaches Meeting: February 17, 2019-4:00pm

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Registration Package:

Please CLICK HERE to download the complete registration package. Copies are available at Copley Trap Range.

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Trapshooting is a great sport to introduce youth to firearm safety and shotgunning.  BOYESC offers several ways for youth to enjoy the experience of shooting a shotgun.  Our youth have the opportunity to choose whether to shoot instructionally, recreationally, or competitively (SCTP) in our programs.  Throw in a few fun shoots and shotgun games and it spells FUN!

All new participants begin in the instructional/recreational program of our youth trapshooting program. The youth receive instruction with a coach until they demonstrate a mastery of the safety rules and a basic understanding of shotgunning.  The shooters continue to shoot each week with a coach and set goals for improvement while at the same time they begin having the opportunity to earn individual awards.  The club gives awards in each shooter category (based on age and experience) for most improved shooter, top guns, and 25 straights. 

As the shooters gain skill and confidence many will try competitive shooting by participating in the SCTP youth shoots our club attends on Saturdays.  Competitive shooting is optional but many find shooting more enjoyable when they are shooting with a team and striving to meet personal goals.

We offer an 8 week Spring youth instructional/recreational shooting program through the months of April and May.  If the youth is interested in shooting competition in The Scholastic Clay Target Program  then they will stay actively shooting until mid-July.

The youth in our programs are divided by age and experience so that the shooter will feel comfortable learning how to shoot.

Senior Division

–       Varsity: Grades 10 - 12 and 2 or 3 years in Senior Division

–       Junior Varsity: Grades 9 - 12 and a first year participant

Intermediate Division

–       Advanced: Grades 7 - 8 and 1 or 2 years as Intermediate

–       Entry Level: Grades 6 - 8 and a first year participant


–       Fifth grade and younger and have no categories*