Youth Archery Program

Youth Archery Program

Archery can be puzzling for the beginner.  Many believe you nock an arrow on a bow string, draw it back and let it go.  If you hit the target, you know archery.  To develop skills allowing one to grow in accuracy and consistency, additional skills will need to be gained.  Our instructors will explain and demonstrate proper technique and form. Each youth will be matched with a properly fitted bow, if they do not already possess their own fitted bow, and given the opportunity to practice properly.

Our archery program consists of three phases of instruction for youth in grades 3 - 12.  Phase 1 is for the beginner.  The archer will shoot 10 yard bag and small 3-D targets in an instructional format.  We will provide Matthew Genesis bows and arrows. Phase 2 is for the intermediate archer.  These archers consist of archers who have been promoted from phase 1 and archers who come into the program with some experience and are looking to improve.  The archers will use compound bows and releases and practice at 20 yards.  Other archery equipment, except crossbows, may be allowed but must be approved by an instructor.  We have a limited number of compound bows and releases available.  Phase 3 the archers will get to shoot a walk-thru 3-D course in the woods with known and unknown distances.  Our 3-D target selection includes different sizes and styles of deer, black bear, elk, mountain lion, antelope, alligator, turkey, bobcat, javelina, and coyote.  A phase 2 archer may participate in phase 3 if their skills allow.

Our organization’s goal is to give youth an opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment with other kids while honing their archery skills and learning proper shot selection.  The 3-D course is dedicated to our youth and their families only.

BOYESC is presently exploring the possibility of mentored youth archery hunts.  We are looking for suitable property to erect ground blinds with a high probability of the youth seeing and harvesting their first deer.  If you are reading this and have property or know someone with property to conduct such hunts please contact us!

Course Length

Length of the program will be 6 weeks long - 4 weeks of instruction and 2 weeks for instruction and score for all phases.  Bows are available for all phases, if needed.   Program conducted during the months of August and September.

Classroom Instruction

Before archery instruction begins we will have a mandatory class on safety and proper archery form for all new archers to our program. This class will only need to be attended one time.

Bow fitting and tuning:   Will be by appointment on non-league nights or as time allows on shoot night.

Phases of Instruction

Phase 1 - Beginners

First year shooters using BOYESC equipment will shoot at the bag targets to learn the skills needed to advance to Phase 2. First year shooters with their own equipment will start on bag targets and may advance to Phase 2 if they can prove skill level needed to advance.

To advance to Phase 2 you must be able to consistently hit an 8" circle at a distance of 20 yards. This does not mean every arrow has to hit a 8" circle, just the majority of the time.

Trophies given by following divisions:   Cub 10-12 years, Youth 13-14, Youth 15-18, Lady

Phase 2 - Intermediates

At this phase the archer will be shooting at bag targets and 3-D animal targets. Targets will be placed at known distances out to 25 yards.  Most shooters will be using compound bows with releases.  Bows will be tuned to the shooter with proper form and technique emphasized.

Trophies given by following divisions:   Intermediate, Intermediate Lady

Phase 3 – 3-D Course

At this Level the archer will be shooting at known and unknown distances out to 35 yards in our walk-through 3-D course.   Instructors will help archers learn how to judge yardages and the importance of shot placement.

Trophies given by following division:  Intermediate 3-D, Advanced 3-D

We will have a Sunday afternoon Family Shoot open to all youth shooters, family members and friends at the conclusion of the program.  There will be archery games for all ages and experience.  Due to limited range equipment we would recommend that family members have their own equipment if they plan to shoot the 3-D course.

 2018 Youth Archery Program

Come join the FUN while learning correct archery fundamentals and sharpening your skills for hunting season.

August 13th – September 19st, 2018

6 PM, Mondays(Levels 1 & 2) & Wednesdays(Level 1 & 3)

Cost: $25 Includes use of bows, arrows, and targets. T-shirt and trophies by age group

Bring your own archery equipment or use one of our youth bows*

Limited Space – Participants must register on a first-come, first-served basis

To register, please CLICK HERE

 *Limited number of youth bows and arrows available

Upland Bird Hunting Program


Many youth come to BOYESC with no shooting or hunting experience, just a strong desire to learn about both of these sports.  Through the shotgun program our youth learn firearm safety and shotgun shooting skills.  After purchasing their youth hunting license, the youth is ready to experience the excitement and camaraderie of the field.

BOYESC has designed four phases of hunter development.  Phase 1 is for first time or newer hunters.  This is a one-on-one hands-on hunt with an instructor, guide and a dog.  Phase 2 introduces a second or third hunter and stresses the importance of communication with the other hunters while hunting safely in a group.  Phase 3 is an actual pheasant hunt on state game lands during the youth-only season with instructors (2 to 1 ratio) and dogs.  Phase 4 is hunting on licensed hunting preserves with lots of bird opportunities including pheasant, chukar, and quail with guides and dogs.

Youth hunters will advance through the phases as they demonstrate understanding of the safety rules and their experience allow.